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Lenovo released its first tablet in 2011, which people liked very much. After that, Lenovo took a step into the technology revolution and improved its tablets with the latest features. Here we will talk about Lenovo Tab M11. It is a part of the Lenovo Tab M series and was launched in 2020. The Lenovo Tab M11 features a very good display and a massive battery. This tablet’s battery is long-lasting and does not drain its power quickly like other tabs. The other features, such as camera setup, display size, and more, are mentioned below.

When is Lenovo Tab M11 released globally ?

Lenovo is a very old company that has been selling its tablets for several years. The Lenovo tablets are the best-selling in the whole world. Suppose you want to know about the Lenovo Tab M11 release date. Here you can read about it and know when Lenovo will release its Tab M11 globally. The company announced it in August 2020. After this announcement, Lenovo revealed the release date at the end of that month. And on 14 December 2020, Lenovo Tab M11 is globally released. It is not discontinued; you can buy it online or in your nearby shops and stores.

What is the cost of the Lenovo M11 Tab ?

Lenovo tabs are averaged range and have several prices according to their models and features. The Lenovo Tab M11 is the very popular variant of its M series. If we look at the previous Lenovo Tabs prices, these are relatively inexpensive. Everybody wants to buy a tablet with a good price and improved features. The Lenovo Tab M11 in the United States of America is $300. The cost of the Lenovo Tab M11 in other countries is also mentioned here.

The cost of the Lenovo Tab M11 in India is 24290 INR.

Lenovo Tab M11 cost in Saudi Arabia is 1125 SR.

The cost of the Lenovo Tab M11 in the United Arab Emirates is 1100 AED.

Lenovo Tab M11 cost in Egypt is 8930 EGP

Lenovo Tab M11 Touchscreen Size:

The display shows us the visual effects of videos, apps, and other media such as images. Various types of displays are featured with Dolby and HDR. But Lenovo Tab M11 does not have such types of touchscreens. It has OLED typed touchscreen. Several smartphone companies also use this type of LCD for their handsets. According to Lenovo, the display size of the Lenovo Tab M11 is 11.5 inches. It is a huge display, and you can enjoy watching your favorite movies on it. There is no corning coating on the Lenovo Tab M11 display. The touchscreen resolution of the Tab M11 is 1600 x 2560 pixels.

Lenovo Tab M11 ROM & RAM:

The RAM is called read access memory which is used to install the operating system and other apps. When a new Android update is available, the Lenovo Tab M11 will notify you to upgrade it. You can also check the Android version by going into settings. There is 4/6 GB RAM in Lenovo Tab M11. Along with this, Lenovo Tab M11 has 128 GB ROM for saving data and downloading applications from the play store. There is also a micro SD card slot available where you can insert a Memory card of up to 512 GB.

Lenovo Tab M11 Front Camera:

Lenovo placed a front 8 megapixels camera in the Tab M11. Suppose your kid attends classes online on Zoom or other apps that the camera can use. Moreover, you can make video calls or join other online meetings with this front camera. You can also click your selfies and share them with your friends. It is featured with HDR and can record videos with 1080 pixels resolution.

Lenovo Tab M11 Rear Camera:

There is a Dual rear camera in the Lenovo Tab M11. You can capture countless images with this camera. It contains 16 megapixels wide and 8 megapixels ultra-wide lenses. Like other high-end cameras, it is not OIS featured. As Lenovo introduced this Tab M11 for kids’ use, it is far enough with these lenses and pixels.

Lenovo Tab M11 Operating System:

The Lenovo Tab M11 has Android 10 OS in it. It is used for operating applications and other features. You get a notification panel along with a clean UI in this OS. There are also some built-in wallpapers and other security features that you can use to secure your Tab M11 in Android 10.

Lenovo Tab M11 Processor:

The processor is placed under the core, which processes all the commands. Here we will discuss the chipset of Lenovo Tab M11. Looking at other Lenovo Tabs, we get the same chipset in each variant. But Lenovo changes the processor in this M11 model. There is a Qualcomm Snapdragon SDM730 processor in the Lenovo Tab M11. It processes all the commands fastly, and you get a smooth interface while using the apps.

Lenovo Tab M11 Battery:

Each tablet has a capacitive battery that supplies power to run it. The battery is like a small container that is rechargeable. A regular battery in an Android tablet stays very long, and you do not need to change it. In Lenovo Tab M11, there is an 8600 mAh battery. It is enough capacity for using the Tab M11 continuously. According to Lenovo, you can use the Tab M11 for two days with LTE work. It supports a 20W wired fast charger.

Lenovo Tab M11 Other Features:

Lenovo Tab M11 has all the basic features such as Wi-FiBluetooth, GPS, and more. You can browse or stream anything with its built-in HTML5 browser. The fingerprint sensor in the Lenovo Tab M11 allows you to protect it with your biometrics.

Pros of Lenovo Tab M11:

  • Fingerprint Sensor
  • 20W Wired Charger
  • Dual Back Camera

Cons of Lenovo Tab M11:

  • No Gorilla Glass
  • No Water Resistant

Final Verdicts:

Lenovo Tab M11 is launched with a large touchscreen, massive battery, dual rear camera, and more features. If you want to get a tablet at an average cost, then buy it.

Does Lenovo Tab M11 support Dual Sim Slots ?

No, there are no dual sim slots in Lenovo Tab M11.

Is Lenovo Tab M11 available in Black Colour ?

No, it is not available in black color.

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